Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Martyr goes live today

I love this game. :slight_smile: It is an ARPG set in the 40K universe and you play as an Inquisitor. If you like 40K, I think you will like this game.

Hi Brohawk, still playing Warhammer? I jumped back into it several weeks ago and noticed tons of new content and balancing. Also, the devs have a fairly involved roadmap for additional content. Let me know if you’re still playing or know of others playing Warhammer.


Yes I was actually playing some this morning. A new content dropped a few days ago, lvl cap is to 80 now, only 73 at the moment. :slight_smile: I have been playing it pretty consistently since launch. I do believe the total player count is still pretty low, but I still enjoy the game.