Water Walking

Quick question on Water Walking. I stopped playing many months ago and don’t believe I did the last few patches in Legion. I mainly player Hunter, but have several other 110s. Remind what classes, specs, mounts give you water walking? I recall a strider mount that was rep-based in MoP but never ground the rep all of the way. I recall that Hunter has (had) a strider pet that, when out, gave water walking. I think Shaman have it. And DK’s. What else?

In the throes of deciding whether to return for BFA and deciding what I would need and whether it’s worth it to try and go back and do/get some things. And, in general, how far behind I would be. Thx

Shaman and Death Knights get variants of water walking. Priest gets a levitation spell that does the trick.

Monk class mount can walk on water.

Water Strider mount from Nat Pagel in Pandaria will walk on water. (Great for leveling in areas with lots of water). There’s also a raft toy that goes in your toybox for all alts (required Fishing Skill of 525 before 8.0, not sure that applies anymore after) and iceberg from him that can be used as well.

Legion has the Underlight Angler artifact fishing pole that once sufficient artifact power has been added grants water walking when equipped.

There’s also a water walking potion that came from the various Northrend fishing dailies in old Dalaran, I believe.

I’m sure there are more options, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

WHAT? When? ….I mean, I knew that. :blush:

Thanks, Daveon.

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Seems to have stopped working after 8.0. I know it was working there for a while when I was doing the Bigger Fish to Fry achieve in Legion

Long term it is best to grind out Angler’s to revered. It is in the southernmost zone of Pandaria. You can do 3x dailies for 500 rep each, 3 rare fish turn ins for 350 rep each (spinefish alpha, mimic octopus, flying tiger gourami), and the hozen peace pipe for 1000 rep each week. At revered you can unlock the Azure water strider mount for all your toons and that mount has proven time and time again to be useful across all expansions. Furthermore the angler’s raft you get by doing that rep grind once will be usable by any alt that trains Pandaren fishing skill to 1 at the trainer.

If you had an old Northrend alchemist, you can do elixirs of water walking. It is a Alchemy 400 recipe acquired via Northrend Alchemy Research, where you basically daily try randomly to discover it. Once you have it, you can fish up glassfin minnows in Crystalsong forest, make ethereal oil, then turn that into elixirs of water walking and mail those off to your alts.

Thanks all…pretty much the what I recalled…had steadfastly avoided dailies back in Pandaria because, for me, they become “the death of WoW”…but always wanted that mount…used to have tons of ethereal oil, probably canned it all a long time ago, lol

Might be worth a search for that oil. I think those elixirs sell well. When I was on the RP server going for my fishing tourney ring, I checked prices there and the elixirs were going for 15K gold each. Sheesh. Makes me want to check into that here.

The Anglers rep grind isn’t that bad. Just park a toon down there (preferably human) and run them. The base 3 dailies are easy particularly if you are over level. The harder 3 are the turn ins. One you get by fishing oil patches in that big lake in Kun Lai; another you get by fishing freshwater; and another you get by fishing saltwater. Fishing circles seems to increase the odds of you getting the special fish. You can ‘bank a day’ of turn ins by turning in the 3 for a day, going back and fishing up another 3, then holding them to next reset to turn in. THis cuts down on the time, and lets you say fish Sunday to turn in Monday.

So 1500+1050= 2550 rep per day, and that is not that long of a slog to Revered which by itself is 12K. I did not know about the peace pipe until I looked at this for you.

The hard grind was for Nat Pagle to exalted. That took forever. I did it on my Horde druid for the hat thinking it was a forever item, and now I play Alliance. Go figure.

Thanks Snydelee