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Can’t DM tonight. Have to get up super early tomorrow for an all day class. Need to crash early and get my ugly sleep.

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Fenwald. Eyecan took a blast to the face of acid breath from a black dragon. Of course she dropped unconscious. Mas bravely scooped you up and beat a retreat where Mira restored some health back to you. However, the party seems to be readying to face the dragon next week. So if you can make it, it might be wise to take control of Eyecan directly.

The next module for Scales of War is ready to go. :smile:

We can switch over for a bit when there is a good break point.

@grapper, @Vulreyn, @Stormin, @Dacheese, @fenwald, @Silent,

It’s possible you may finish Ch 3 of TotYP soon. Chapter 3 recommends you start at level 5 and Chapter 4 recommends level 8. Most of you will just hit level 6 at the end of chapter 3. That leaves a gap. How do you want to handle that?

Some suggestions are:
Throw caution to the wind and start chapter 4 at level 6.
Arbitrarily level up to 8.
Add a non-book mini-adventure or two to gain the needed levels.

Let me know what your think’n. Thanks.

You Leveled Up! You are now second level.

Woo Hoo Cunning Action

I would say throw a mini adventure in so we can get some more levels and maybe some gear.

@grapper, @fenwald, @Dacheese, @Stormin, @Vulreyn, @Silent,

Everyone gained a level at the completion of last session. Be ready to adjust your characters next session. Also, boots of speed up for grabs.

boots…what boots…jedi wave there are no boots here…kidding of course

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Actually, no you didn’t. A couple of the characters in the party sheet still had level 6 XP as the next goal. So it looked like current XP > next XP => Level time. But it was a false positive. Sorry. One more adventure still needed to get to level 7.

However, Mira still needs to level up from 5 to 6.