Wednesday 5E D&D - Scales of War - 7:30 pm Eastern

Created a new thread for this game.

Link to the old forum thread:
Wednesday Scales of War - Old Forum Thread (read only)

It’s still on hold while I try to get my life in order…

Take your time! I enjoyed it and looking forward to more, along with most of the other groups on hiatus.

Well it looks like its Wednesday again. HURRAH!!!

My first post on the new forum. :grinning:

Going to be running a tad bit late tonight. Shouldn’t be more than an hour.

Um… guys? Err…gals (and guy…ish)

I’m sorry i probably wont be able to make it for tomorrows game. Please try not to kill me :slight_smile:

Test, Test. Is this thing on? LOL first time to post :slight_smile:

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Sorry all, it has been a crazy week. I did not realize that we were playing last night.

we all good for tonight?

I will be there to night 1Aug have to do an errand

The next module for Scales of War is ready to go. :smile:

We can switch over for a bit when there is a good break point.

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Noted. Black dragon TPK ready to go.

Should I review the posts at the old forum? Or just start up cold? What level cleric do you want me to start at? Any creation rules to follow?

Would the resuming of your game be a good opportunity to switch to Discord? Although rumor has it that Mumble will be around until about October. If we go to Discord, there are currently three channels for use. Should we “claim” one as reserved and update the OP/Title of this thread?

Yeah, if it’s true that we’re moving past mumble, we may wish to move to discord and perhaps request a channel.

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So we are using discord tonight right?

I had the peeps in charge make a chat channel for us to talk in. Its in the General Games section at the bottom

Does everyone have Discord up and running now? :thinking: