Welp... Hi?

I had written off Warframe because I can’t progress and everyone in game wants to just run through everything. Like Danny Glover’s character in Die Hard, I’m getting too old for this shit. But if OTG’s going to hop in, I guess I’ll give it one more go. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear… Warframe is currently not “officially supported” by General Games, enter at your own risk.

The OTG clan has been around awhile actually. The clan is like level 10 I believe. Plus it’s coming to the Switch as well.

Of course, having @Greyed and myself in game once in awhile could help make it become officially supported by General Games if we see enough participation.

General Populace, and even some of us that have been around for a while do have a tendency to rush through some missions as fast as possible. I can probably come up with some excuses, but when it comes down to it at some level warframe is a game where you are farming something. A Mod, a weapon, a warframe, some material, there is always something that you are trying to get, and when you have run the same mission a hundred+ times you start to turn on the speed and not worry so much about who is with you. Now while I am just as guilty of this as any random you will find playing, the grizzled old vets we have in game (at two + years I include myself) will talk with you along the way. We will explain how we are moving so fast, tag points of interest, patiently play with you and help get you up to speed.

Warframe is not for everyone, and even those of us that play it take breaks regularly. But if we are on, drop down to the discord channel, most of us dont bite. And we are happy to chat while we blaze through Mission X for the 300th time. Also take a look at the Getting Started guide I posted a bit earlier, I included some general progression assistance.

Agreed on the repetition. After rank (level?) 1 (sorry, I forget what its called!), I’m already having to repeat things in order to proceed. Given I’ve only played this weekend, its not likely to hold my interest long with that design. I don’t play a lot of this type of game, so that may be par for the course and I just don’t know it.

I find the repetition is easier when you are playing with clan/guild mates.

Over the weekend Thorm and I helped someone farm Loki, I think it is probably around the 10th time I have helped farm Loki, and Thorm surpasses that by a number i don’t want to think about. I think we got lucky and only had to do the mission 5 or 6 times this weekend, where I recall helping someone else in the past where we were easily on 10+ runs to get all the parts. But setting up these little goals, working with clan mates, and alternating tasks makes the repetition less monotonous.

I am curious what you had to repeat in the beginning for progress. Early game I recall needing to farm resources, but that can be done in a wide range of zones so that you arent always doing the same mission type repeatedly. The farming of Warframes was usually the most repetitive, because the parts all have specific bosses or missions they drop off of.

That was me you helped @Findywen !

The only farming i have really done in this game so far is for additional frames (Loki as mentioned, but i also have Nyx and Rhino cooking in my crafting queue). Outside of that I have just been working through planets and doing the quests as they open up for me.

Invasions are something that I have done that are kinda farmy i guess? You do three of a mission to get credit for the invasion and get the rewards once they end.

The game is grind and farm intense, but if you are following the alerts, invasions, and void fissures it seems like the zones and missions are fairly random. I am sure there is more that i will need to unlock (still on Mars and just finished the archwing quests).

Our group personally likes taking our time running missions. We like to search for the hidden caches, and the loot, since so much of it is needed for crafting. Occasionally we will run through something fast, if the level is potentially too high for us, but we need it the location open. Otherwise, we tend to scour the map for loot! :moneybag: