What are your goals in BFA?

I was just wondering what everyone is trying to do right now, and what they want to do next.

For me I just completed the rep grind to exalted, and now am running my 110s to 120. I figure get them to 120 now, because each week that passes will increase the azurite power yield, and if you have them at 120 you can just go out and do the emissaries for easy gear/resources/rep.

Main will continue to do the emissary quests to get to exalted eventually, don’t feel the need to rush it, but will focus on the two harder ones daily (Turtles & Champions). Looking forward to the 8.1 patch with more story, added islands & a new warfront so i can finish my research. 1 alt dinged 120 yesterday, he is now going to do the daily emissary before continuing the story line, 2nd alt is going to ding today, but is behind on the Embers story, might be another day till he unlocks the wq. 8.1 brings changes to the elemental shaman, so I will more than likely switch back to that playstyle just so I can invest in the Resto spec. Shaman will be dps/heals same as the Disc Priest.
Mage is 110 and will start the crawl shortly once i have all 3 doing their dailies, just not sure which spec I want to level him as, Frost or Arcane. He leveled Fire in legion, but outside the Island adventure where the Fire Mages fireball spam me to death, i haven’t seen a Fire Mage spec being played. I’ve got 3 allied races leveling, 1 is Horde and will eventually get to the story content that I never saw from that perspective. Of course I will level both an Dark Iron Dwarf (not sure of the class yet) & Human Druid. I don’t see a shortage of things to do for quite some time.

I am concentrating on world quests anf emmisarries since i need to finish the reo grind. When i find myself needing something else to do, its lfr, dungeons, island expeditions and when all else fails i pick an achievement to work on

I just want to unlock the allied races and roll a dark iron dwarf. Maybe even two. :slight_smile:

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I am mostly focused on getting Ahead of the Curve and +10 mythic+ done before 8.1. In my spare time I am working on getting the rest of my toons to 120.

Wanted to get allied races unlocked and pathfinder p1 done which i’ve done so now just working on zandalari rep for the trolls then i’ll roll a druid