What do you want to run or play next?

Dragon Heist seems to be out - I’m trying to avoid it, as I’m unsure if I want to play it before running.

Dungeon of the Mad Mage I’d like to run, but unfortunately I’m booked and not getting a lot done on that end until other projects are settled I’d be fine playing it, first.

I would like to finish out Legacy of the Crystal Shard (teufel), Storm King’s Thunder (Eildor), Hoard of The Dragon Queen (Nal), and Tales From The Yawning Portal (jendai) in that order if I had to choose.

My Hiatus will be very late this year, but it’ll still be a season long after Tomb of Annihilation finishes. If I were to start anything after coming back, I’d prefer my own campaign setting or one of the latest books provided I have money.

No more Tales of the Yawning Portal?

Oh - right, I forgot Yawning portal lol

As soon as I get new schedule and routine situated, I will resume Legacy of the Crystal Shard. I will be 10 days on 4 days off working 2:30pm EST to 10:30 or 11:30 every night. Once this is established I will know better what time slots we can work on. Most likely every other week.

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I move to nights in November, but my permanent schedule start date is unknown. Until I find that date out , I can’t commit to anything. Once established, I will start a thread up to discuss day, time, participation, and resume/restart.

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