What is Crowfall?!

The MMO you can win! Explore an ever-changing world. Trade and craft your way to the top. Become an unstoppable warlord! Your actions will have lasting consequences that can impact Crowfall history for years to come.

Every world in the crowfall universe is unique, with a unique map to be explored, relics to be discovered. Even the game rules change from one world to another.

Harvest wood, stone and ore and establish trade routes between worlds. Master the art of blacksmithing, alchemy, runecrafting and more. Build a city, design a castle or literally move mountains to create your own Eternal Kingdom.

Brave the dangers of the Campaign Worlds in search of glory, wealth and power. Build and fortify castles to protect your lands, or erect massive war machines and lay siege to your neighbors. Claim territory and conquer the world on behalf of your faction or guild – and collect artifacts, relics and resources as the spoils of war.

Crowfall is a PVP based, lobby style, open world mechanics, with passive skillups/training, MMO. You will either be spending time in your own personal Eternal Kingdom building your Empire or in a Campaign World (CW) trying to kill and loot your enemies. This game is a group oriented game. Yes you can solo, but it is very inefficient. Thru crafting and trading the players control the market. Thru teamwork and alliances guilds can control their campaign world. If you are interested come on in and chat about it. I also recommend going to the official Crowfall site where there is a wealth of info.

I have been super excited about this game for a while. Is it time for me to buy in and try it?

Depends. To me it still seems to be a long way off. If you’re interested in testing the Eternal Kingdoms, then it could be good. The Campaign worlds are a bit deserted. This is primarily due to lack of new test items. I haven’t played in 2 weeks…waiting impatiently.

I will keep in it mind. I have been interested in this game a long time. :sparkler: