What is going on with crafting in this recent expansion?

I spent around 4 months getting 8 guys to leadership 25, and was enjoying the daily haul. Logged in yesterday post patch and all of my professions were reset. All that work was for nothing. What a bummer.

Suckin right? I knew an overhaul was coming, but wasn’t aware of a full reset… did you know about the class changes? subscribe to this site and you won’t be in the dark again. https://blog.nwo-uncensored.com/ plus, I am on the discor channels.

You have to admit the quality of life improvements are Sooo Awesome! like I don’t have to press F to pick up everything anymore… just run over them and they get picked up. Needed that for a long time! I can’t wait to try some of the new dungeons if anyone wants to get together on a specific night… I’d team up with you all.

Well, for the longest time I have been in a pattern of logging in 2x a day to send out guys on leadership missions. Now that pattern ends. When I wrap up WoW, I will likely come back and give it a go. Got plenty of levels and chests off of that 2x/day thing, so I have one of each class at 70 with multiple dings waiting for me when I return.