What Is This All About Then?

Does anyone have any good resources to learn about this type of game?
Sounds interesting but I know nothing about it.

Lots of youtube and twitch videos on fantasy grounds (…and roll20…and d20pro…). One of our guild DM’s sometimes streams games on twitch. Here is one sample of our recent play session.

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Have you ever played role-playing games or table-top games where people gather in person and roll dice, etc?
This is like that but it uses software to simulate the game so everyone can be in the comfort of their own home.

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Thanks, all, for the info. I will check this stuff out.

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To extend the topic a bit…

How does this actually work? Is there on-line versions of D&D that are used? Or are people screen-sharing/streaming a literal table-top version of the game on the kitchen table? Or?

Am a bit puzzled…

Any and All of the above. An online D&D, or other RPG system, could be done with just voice chat and theater of the mind. But many (most?) of use use some sort of software ware to enhance and make running the game easier. Roll20 is web based, so all players connect to the web site and they all see the same game screen that can contain maps, tokens (i.e. miniatures), dice rolls, typed chat text, etc. Fantasy Grounds is a client / server that you install on your PC. The DM has the server side and players connect to his server. The game content is shared by players but each player can customize how that content is presented to them. Streaming of the game is another option that some players do and some don’t. The streamer has software that shows their desktop in some sort of video feed.

Also there are some VR projects out there that display a 3D virtual game table. You can roll virtual dice, move tokens around a map, and see the Avatars of the other players standing, sitting, floating, etc around the table.