What to do before Battle for Azeroth drops

This discussion came up in mumble last night so I figured I would share the link to Wowhead and a few of my own thoughts on what to add on the TBD list.

Gold missions on the class hall mission board. these can be just a few hundred gold to a few thousand gold but its still gold. The WOW Legion app makes sending followers out on these very easy. If you are a pet battler, do the pet charm missions as well and then see the post on Pet Currancy changes in BFA so you can spend them.

Level allied race characters to 110 to get their racial armor sets, if you like transmog stuff.

Finish reps in previous content to get useful things like flying in Draenor, the Azure Water Staider mount from Pandaria (this will be VERY Helpful in the future).

Max the professions you have so you are ready for the new content.

Work on some of the more time consuming achievements for professions or in old dungeons etc.

Farm for rep, pets, and transmogs in older dungeons and raids, either for yourself or to sell now or when the huge influx of players comes back for BFA.

Do you have a little extra disposable income? Buy wow tokens and hold on to them for a little while. I am guessing the gold value of the tokens is going to go up and having planned ahead and having several tokens to sell later may end up being fairly profitable. (someone else please feel free to do the economic analysis and let us know the projections)

Do you have any pre-launch TO DO’s ? Please share!

And now the Wowhead post:

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Not needed. Professions progression is changing in BfA where each region has its own track.

thanks for this list!
I don’t have the water staider yet and was wondering if I should work towards it…

Thank you @Greyed that video is super helpful. I had not read into professions for BFA yet.

Maxing your Legion profession is not a waste before BFA drops. Odds are materials for Legion professions are as cheap now as they will ever be, with a bunch of people stuck farming these now. Once BFA comes out, I expect those resources to become more costly, and the cost of maxing Legion professions to go up.

So for instance I maxed my Paladin engineer yesterday. Why? The above + you get Reeves. I got the repair module, the raid food module, and the final module, the Blingtron 6000. That Blingtron will continue to generate engineering parts which may be useful as sub component sales.

Now to do this fast I had to dump a ton of felslate into a 5 per, 2 star recipe that I learned from the dude in Azsuna, with 50 felslate per pop. Cost me several thousand gold to buy that from the AH, and I suppose once BFA drops that will go from several thousand gold to several ten thousands of gold.