When are we going to move the swtor chapter to Discord?

I have used it in the past. Registered on the OTG one. It blows mumble away. Voice and chat.

Do you mean Discord? Discourse is the forum program we’re using here. Discord is the voice chat/chat channel program. In either case, SWTOR already has channels/forums in both!

Discord, lol. Yeah, I haven’t seen anyone in there yet and I still see people in mumble from time to time. Actually SWTOR seems kinda slow. I am on every day and I hardly ever see anyone. Wonder what the game of the day is.

The plan is for all chapters to migrate to Discord for voice comms by October.

I have a problem with discord for voice as when I activate it …it then migrates to the top of my screen where I can no longer see it and cannot bring it down to the regular screen…even when running as administrator.

@Truthseeker are you using the desktop app or the browser version? There is also a mobile app that seems to work well.