When I get into the question mode, watch out!

Another question for my guildmates. I have 30 mods on my game, I play solo and my games seems to run pretty smooth, no crashes yet! Could a few people tell me how many mods you run when you play ARK? Is 30 too much, am I a mod-hog?

Please give me some idea of the number of mods played by other people, I know this seems a silly question but I would like to know if I should trim my mod list. Also, I am still wondering where the mods on Steam are stored/located in my computer.

Thank you all.

If it runs nice and you enjoy it that way then why not?

Personally I prefer to keep my list of mods as low as possible. But it all depends on what you want to do with your game. If you are comfortable with folder management you could always try multiple save games with different mod sets. IF you are particularly brave, I suppose you could try using ‘Ark Server Manager’ and setup one or several local hosts and play your solo game as if it were online (and it certainly could be if you adjust the settings one way or another). I know it’s vague, but there is a whole bunch of stuff to dive into that is better left to looking up on steam discussions and/or official ark forums.

The server i just started playing on has 21 mods.

The 2 servers I’m currently running have 25-30 mods.

That kind of seems where we end up with the cosmetic mods and QoL mods all put in.

https://steamcommunity.com/groups/WozzlesWorld has more info on the 2 servers.