Where's the old Electronics link?

I’ve been noticing recently that my anti virus software has been suggesting I use their private VIPN service.

How critical is it to have a different IP address? I mean, if someone really wanted to find mine, and they were skilled, having a private IP address would not deter them.

All I do is online games and research…some email and such…nothing critical to national security.

But, we used to have an electronics tab in our older web pages and I can’t find it in our new one. Can anyone help me with this please?

VPNs are primarily used to get around ISPs blocking content(more common in other countries) or hiding your IP when visiting the seedier hives of scum and villainy on the interwebs. Folks that travel frequently will use a VPN to protect themselves when using public Wi-Fi networks or utilizing remote desktop apps on their home or work computer. Some utilize a VPN at school or work if their school internet provider or employer is particularly creepy about tracking everyone’s internet use. Gamers will sometimes use VPNs to get around region locks or limits on multiple connections from the same IP.

And actually no, unless you work for the CIA or NSA(and maybe not even them), no one can get your real IP from a website you are accessing through a secure VPN. The top sites are not located in the US and don’t give out or even keep records of who accesses what - that is kinda the whole point.

Using a VPN can also lead lots of headaches when logging into sites that remember you through saved cookies or only recognized authorized IPs on their end. Amazon.com, gmail, and lots of other sites and some MMORPGs are a pain with that. “We don’t recognize this location.” Some websites outright reject all connections from known VPN IPs.

Most likely you don’t have a use for one. Your anti-virus provider is just trying to push more product. I use one, but I never said I was a role model.

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Why Myth…I always thought of you as a role model…not sure what you model, but still… :eyes:

But thanks for this information, it makes it much easier for me to ignore their notices to purchase more product than what I really need. :sunglasses:

You posted in the correct forum, @lynspottery!

We are using the tag system on these forums. You can use multiple tags, like, Question or Info, etc.

Thank you. I did not even think about tags…will keep that in mind when next I post.

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To see a list of tags:

Upper right hand side, click the hamburger menu (the 3 lines) to the left of your avatar, and click tags.

FYI…some VPNs will not block identifying IPv6 information and you might still be using your ISP’s DNS while connected to the VPN. You have to be aware of these things if you want true privacy. You can check this info at http://ipleak.net. Some VPN software will temporarily disable IPv6, but if that doesn’t work you have to do it manually.