Who among us has purchased access to Ashes of Creation Alpha 1?

I am counting the days to Alpha 1. Hopefully July’s livestream will have new and interesting information about the game. Who else in the guild is planning on being part of Alpha 1? The devs said that phase one will be to test sieges and some pvp. Phase 2 will be expanded to test some other mechanics like crafting.

There’s a thread called Kickstarter Pledge Poll that shows a number of OTG people and their access (indirectly-by package level).

I have access to closed Alpha, phase 1.


I’m in the alpha 1 too!! I cannot wait!!

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Thanks, I just posted there. :slight_smile:

I am posting here to connect with you all to rally us and cheer the hype too! lol Sooooo excited for this new MMO.

Well in that case, have another bump…

I updated the roster/pledge post :open_mouth:

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I have access to alpha 1 too. My play time will depend on how their test schedule lines up with my work schedule but I’m really looking forward to it!

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I have access to alpha 1.

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I have access to alpha 1. :smiley: