Who From OTG Streams BDO

So a great question came up in discord last night after NW about which guildies stream on Twitch. I want to make sure I am at least following them to support if there was a way to create a post or list of those that do.


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I stream various games on thursday, depending on my mood and the requests of my followers. Does that count?

It does indeed is your channel same as your guild name?

No, it’s https://www.twitch.tv/streamingneith

I don’t have many followers, but the ones I do have are great. :slight_smile:

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Consider yourself followed

Cool. I think I was kind of boring this week because my physical therapy fell on thursday. Blarg. But it’d be nice to see another face around if you feel like popping in. :slight_smile:

I stream when I am AFK mostly. Nothing serious, I just wanted to learn more about streaming.

Eques3n on Twitch.

I stream most nights. Will probably be streaming the sailies soon!

I know hayers streams from time to time or upon request. Another thing people may or may not know about discord, you can link for twitch account to your profile. Then others can click on your name then click onthe twitch picture and go straight to your page, nifty. Link your Twitter, blizzard, twitch, facebook , spotify, etc