Who is playing?

HI all- who is playing and on what server?

I tried to like it, I really did. Right up until it was impossible to hit a spider with a 1h weapon because their hit detection is just that bad. And this was on a local instance. :frowning:

Can’t be denied that the game is a bit (ok, a big bit) buggy but I’m still having fun playing it. You just have to not get too attached to anything because Funcom have a habit of adding more bugs then they ever fix and things can come crashing down around you.

As for servers, OTG are scattered about like confetti. The setup on each server is different and people have different likes and dislikes, hence the proliferation of servers.

I’m spending most of my time on Dificeman’s server https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/t/pve-server/2605, a friendly pve only one clan (so far) server.

I pretty much gave up. The basic concept is quite solid, however it once again runs into Funcom’s inability to produce a working game from a good concept.

That won’t stop me from playing other Funcom games (TSW/SWL is a prime example), but Conan simply doesn’t have enough unique mechanisms to it that it would make it worth for me to spend more time on.

It seems that’s the general concensus as well, if I look at how long servers stay(ed) up.

Got it on sale. Busy playing Division, State of Decay 2, and Forknife (heh) with my son but plan to try Conan soon. Just have to decide how big I want to go of course. :rofl:

I have been playing on and off lately. Still enjoy it a lot, just had to slow down a bit to not burn out. There are a few people logging onto Muspelheim now so that has been fun to see.

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You an hit “Q” to target and track. The you just have to stay within weapon range.

I never used the target track, had my toon running into the spiders so that I could not move forward any further, was swinging with the cross-hair on the body of the spider and I would wiff. Spiders were literally harder to hit than hyena cubs which were 1/6th their size. No other mob gave me so much trouble hitting. My crosshair was on them and I was close enough? I connected.

Wouldn’t be so much a problem but my first hovel was near a spider cave and I’d have regular 8-legged elders knocking at my door trying to tell me about the joys of their lord and savior, Arachne.

I have been really into it. I like to tinker so I started my own server as well which is mainly myself on it. Viking, mods are an adventure lol.


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