Who’s coming with me man or woman

I’m going to be in alpha and will be playing about 1 am to 5 am Sunday thru Thursday and normal evening hours on Friday and Saturday if anyone wants to regularly group up during those hours let me know I know it’s early but you know me well ya don’t but you will lol

Heya Stone ;

Saw your post asking about guilds months ago/last year on Pantheon’s forums. I’m “Valhalla” there and replied directing your towards OTG. I’m on PST time and will be playing as early as 9pm PST to 2am/3am PST on working nights. On my weekends I’ll be on, after the grocery shopping, errr noon / 1pm PST to early in the AM (ie: 3 - 5 AM).

Planning on reincarnating my old EQ character who was a barbarian warrior. I’ll either play a Ogre Warrior or a Ogre Dark Lord (if it’s Shadow Knight material).

Cheers - Tom

cool im planning on playing a shaman so we have heals and tank just need us some dps

Wish I could join you, but I’ll be playing mainly 4-8 or 9 pm CST weekdays and random times on the weekends. I’ll be trying to play during raids and if there are any groups that establish a regular play time.

I’m looking forward to reliving my EQ1 days. I’m playing Diablo III and some Camelot Unchained Alpha/Beta to pass the time until Pantheon Alpha becomes available to play.

I will be there but on MST would love to go out with ya’all!

If, LOL I said “if” … /dying laughter, When I’m on say hi in guild chat / mumble / or in a tell. My character’s name is going to be my original one from EQ ( Faseti ) so go ahead and plan on adding that to your friends list.

I’m sure you did the same but when I played EQ it wasn’t uncommon to have a friend or two / a guild mate or two hanging out with the group just not in the main party. Eventually someone would leave and we would add in those hanging out, and helping with the xtra dps, in as room was available. It was great fun, good commoraderie, more than “I’m not getting any XP”.

Or we’d break into two 4 ppl groups and just hang out clearing spawns side by side / in the next room over from each other. Now that setup made for a lot of buffing love. :slight_smile:

shit … I miss EQ , the goofing off/around, knowing and “trusting” the people you were with. knowing some of those people for 5 or 6 years. knowing and trusting them enough to fly out, hang out at their house, and using that hotel money for Disney World tickets. That was my EQ. Never been anything close at all since 2005.

Cheers - Tom


I’ll be an Enchanter…Auri or some variation of it will be the name!

Ill be in for some of that, im skipping my pre alpha testing but i should be all moved in in time for alpha testing

One thing to remember is they are treating these test to be more like the old school testing where the servers aren’t up 24/7. Instead they will be bringing them online at certain days and times looking for a more focused kind of testing; where they will be telling you where to go and what to test at times.

Hopefully on launch we’ll have the full 24 hour spectrum covered with a bunch of guildies. :grin: ughhh I can’t wait for launch.

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This is correct. Testing phases are broken into sessions. These are on a schedule with specific thing the devs want the testers to focus on. However, the schedules are surely to change for each new phase. No telling what it will look like in Alpha vs the first few PA phases.