Who we are

We are a laid-back guild and we are all about the fun.

Old Timers Guild can be found on these platforms
[PC/Mac] North American [NA] Megaserver.
Xbox One Megaserver
PS4 Megaserver

Our Guild has an alliance to The Aldmeri Dominion. This basically means that most PvP organized guild activities may be oriented towards the Aldmeri Dominion Faction in Cyrodiil, as we wish to offer the most options for the majority of our guild; however, we will not abandon our members that choose to play in one of the other alliance as now the game allows cross faction grouping in PvE content only.
We are a community and have many PvP & PvE events throughout the week that will give everyone opportunities to participate

Your ESO Officers are:
Admin Liason:

Chapter Leader:
Tess Phyreforge - ESO Contact - @Tess-OTG

Executive Officer: XO
Adoman - ESO Contact - @Adoman

Senior Officers:
Komma - ESO Contact - @Kommakozzy
Skoros - ESO Contact - @Sir_Twist
Egile - ESO Contact - @Lawpel

PvP Officers:
Odditorium - ESO Contact @Odditorium

General Officers:

Crafting Officers:
Idaho Geekette - ESO Contact - @Idaho Geekette

IG Officer [NCO] If Officers not online we have in-game officers available to help with bank request.

Should a problem arise, please send a confidential Private Message to any of the ESO staff in order to bring any potential issues to our attention. We are a guild of many unique individuals and it is our desire to embrace this diversity without prejudice to any one group of players.