WoW Horde- What class is needed

Hey guys, looking to join you all in WoW. What classes does the OTG Horde team need?

I recommend reviewing the Class Raid Buff Abilities and Dispel Utilities:

Here is our raid roster:
We have no Rogues, and our only Paladin has recently gone inactive.

There is no ‘need’.
Play was you want.
Have fun :smiley:

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It really is true that you should play the class(es) that you find most fun. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you aren’t enjoying yourself but feel like you “have to” play your _____ because that’s what’s “needed.”

That said, you might find it faster/easier to get dungeon groups (in general, not necessarily within guild) if you play a tank or healer. That depends of course on whether you are comfortable in either of those roles (and if you don’t enjoy them, you probably won’t be).

Er, hope that helps…

Thanks all! Look forward to joining you soon.