Wowhead article on BFA 8.0 pre-patch which drops Tues 17 Jul 2018

Wowhead article

Looks like a lot of nerfs with the stat squishes, and changes to threat. Wonder how broken the game will be on Tues.

There will be some residual rebalancing that will happen but overall it should be fine. The stat squish doesn’t really change anything but the size of the numbers. What is likely however is that there will be a large number of addons that no longer work on Tuesday and have not been updated. There were a number of API changes that were made with 8.0 and some addons will take a significant amount of rewriting to account for that.

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What TnT said. :slight_smile:

Some addons have already been rewritten and already are prepared for the 8.01 like Bigwigs and DBM

Ran across this on Reddit that details a lot of other changes