WvW Siege Changes

Dev Post:

Hey folks!

A few weeks ago we gathered some feedback on the current state of siege weapons. We’ve gone through the feedback and have come up with a list of changes. The changes below are the first group of them. We may do additional changes down the line, but these were some of the quickest we could do (didn’t require new code/UI). Feedback is welcome!

You can no longer be hit more than once every .5 seconds by arrow cart attacks.
Arrow Cart damage against siege has been reduced by 50%.
The number of targets that can be hit by one arrow cart attack has been reduced from 50 to 25.
Shield generators can no longer put domes on other shield generators.
Shield generator domes no longer destroy unblockable projectiles.
Burning Oil Mastery 3 now also reduces condition damage. Damage reduction for both direct damage and conditions has been increased from 33% to 66%.
Catapult Gravel shot now shoots projectiles in a fan shape.
Updated Ballistas to make them more reliable.
Slowed the velocity of Ballista's Greater Reinforced shot to give it an arc. This should make it easier to hit stationary targets (siege).
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Thank you!

Just wondering if this is really how discourse does quotes. Not your fault, but that is not easy to read.

^^^ That is how a quote looks… Neph used “Preformatted text” IOW, a code block.

(I should give away the WvW stuff I have in my inventory… I’ll never use it anyway!)

While that isn’t a quote (the above is a quote) the reason why it is hard to read is the preference for the narrow mobile friendly formatting. Gotta love having a 21" monitor and the forums using maybe 8" of it.

EDIT: Dark Fullscreen - whoa, it uses the full screen. Why that’s not default I have no idea.