Yes you get both mounts from Burning of Teldrassil****Spoiler Info Contained***

Based on a post on WoWhead you do indeed get both the Horde and Alliance mounts from completing the Pre-Expansion quest the first time you complete it.

By joezu (3,433 – 13·26) 17 days ago (Patch 7.3.5)

* Does anyone know if you get the Horde bat too if you complete the scenario on an Alliance character?

Alechs777 16 days ago (Patch 7.3.5)

* I’ve read posts on the forum saying that yes, the first time you complete the scenario you get both mounts.

Reignac 16 days ago (Patch 7.3.5)

* Yes. At least you do on beta, but I bet that will stay on live.

OK, that’s completing the whole thing and we are only partway through, correct?

Correct Aerythe, once we complete the entire event and get awarded the mount, it unlocks both the factions.

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I am so relieved. I have no where near max level on my ally characters and not enough time to get there either. I’m pissed that I will miss the story from the alliances POV but their is nothing I can do about it.

I’m ashamed to be Horde right now though.

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