Is there any interest in Classic WoW?

World of Warcraft has always had a special place for me, but I honestly haven’t had any interest in the game in years and was frankly quite surprised that something could rekindle an old interest so strongly. I have since decided to vote with my dollar and retain my sub for this very reason. Leveling in new wow is quite surreal, I feel as if I can’t make a bad decision and that I would be better off ignoring my crafting.

Are any of you guys planning on getting back into vanilla when it comes out? I think the only thing I will miss are the newer races.
What do you all miss most about vanilla. What will you miss with it?
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I left WOW when I started playing BDO, roughly a year ago. I hadn’t heard they were coming out with a Vanilla edition. I started in the Panda edition. I had one of every class except Warrior. Think I would miss the after Vanilla classes too much. I am not ready to leave BDO but if I ever do I guess that is an option. Let me know how it is if you get a chance.

The newer classes are stupid fun I admit, problem is the level power creep. 90 was the level cap with mop, 80 with WotLK and that trivialized a lot of sweet content. I would welcome the new classes if they could be rewritten as a 60 level cap and somewhat balanced when introduced.
I doubt they will follow their old release, stat modification schedule to the letter having learned from their mistakes in the past.
It would be nice to get Uldam, or Hyjal released as new content raid zones or something. It’s old world and in the game just needs to be rewritten without the deathwing touch.

wonder if they will let the current lvls (ie. 110) in the Vanilla content. I mean I took my 110 Hunter into all the low early dungeons just for junk gear. Looks like they would have to make it an entirely different game from the WOW played now.

it is an entirely different game, modern wow there are choices but they don’t feel as if they make as big of an impact as the old spec trees. Especially now that one can freely respec at any inn. It isn’t a bad game and I’m enjoying what I’ve played of it. It just lacks a certain depth that made me more invested in my characters it seems. It’s hard to quite explain.
The plotline is quite entertaining and I am a fan of the allied races. More than enough to keep me interested until vanilla is released.
Also with the cross server thing as it currently stands it takes a lot away from the importance of a good community. Forming groups are more work so people tend to be far more respectful than modern pugs.

They don’t need to do the Ilevel power creep, they can take a page from GW2 and their own experiment with level scaling to keep zones dangerous and relevant. All BC really needs to introduce is arcane resist gear and tool the encounters accordingly so there’s still a gear grind for raiding. Flight is also viewed by many as a mistake so outlands might need complete retooling if they choose to throw that out.

They could open up Gilneas, Silvermoon, or the Azure Isles as they are also in Azeroth and their addition wouldn’t really detract from the enjoyment of vanilla. Goblins would need a complete reword for them to be incorporated sadly, as they completely rewrite an important zone that was never addressed in vanilla.

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I am about as interested in going back to vanilla wow as I am going back to candles instead of electricity. I still remember having to walk until level 40 and many other inconviences such as… LFG need healer!!! Need tank!! being shouted out in chat and then the long walk to a dungeon and the long walk back
no thanks.

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I played vanilla WoW and I am very comfortable in saying they couldn’t pay me to play it again. A lot of people seem very focused on the things they loved (or think they did) about vanilla while seemingly forgetting all the huge improvements that were made since.

I think Blizzard is being very smart in not going back to a pure vanilla experience and modernizing it to use the current hardware and client (which in itself has upset a number of people). The simple reality is, vanilla wow is not what people remember it to be. I do not think many people remember when you couldn’t level through quests because there were simply not enough and you had to grind for hours. They forget that there were only about 6 or 7 viable specs (not classes specs) in the entire game.

There are countless other things that are conveniently ignored when people talk about the amazing experience that was vanilla. For those who want to try it out, more power to them. I personally thing this is a huge waste of money on Blizzards part being driven by a mob, but their investors have obviously spoken.

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Don’t forget to actually get a mount at level 40, when you could ride one, you needed to pretty much save all your gold, or you’d not have enough to buy even a simple mount.

I feel like blizzard/Activision has seen the interest in Old school MMO games like Pantheon and Camelot unchained(crown funded no-less), and are trying to cash in on that with little investment.

That said, The idea feels stale. How long will interest remain without adding new content, which if added will inevitably slowly evolve away from classic wow.

Pantheon is at the top of my list, but if for some reason that doesn’t pan out I have had my eye on vanilla WoW since they announced it as a possible replacement. Of course this actually launching is probably a year away at best and more likely two years away, since Blizzard said they are pretty much starting from scratch.

Not holding my breath in anticipation but I am definitely looking forward to it.

The long runs just made certain choices more strategic. It is really worth it to recruit people and then run to barrens and do WC? Or for horde is deadmines really that important? My answer for some of those is absolutely not, but if there was summoning stone or lfg it makes it far less meaningful for the ones who do choose to make the trek.
Quite a few qol additions marginalizes choices one makes.
I played on a private server till about level 4o recently. I was having a blast with the game but not the community. Such is the way with most MMOs.
In WoWs modern implementation is reminds me far more of swtor that Warcraft. Feels like a social single player game. I’m enjoying the story more than my character development as I grind to max.

I am not really interested in Classic WoW. I played through that the first time, and it was really grindy. There have been many advances that are good since then, and I would miss them were they absent. I like new content, and tend to get bored with WoW and go do something else when I exhaust it.

I have to agree with most of the posters, like many things from the past, we easily forget the bad and just remember the good. Once Original WoW goes live, players will quickly remember why Original WoW was so difficult. At first it will have decent numbers, but after that initial “something new” feeling wears away most players will leave as they realize what they are missing (LFG/LFR, easy gold, etc.).

I agree many will probably miss qol features. too much. There are a few that I’d miss as well, but imho it is an easy compromise.
I miss decisions having consequences. I also miss class quests (easily some of my favorite content). I miss the ability to make the wrong choice and learn from it. I also miss professions being worth a damn. I will miss monks, DKs, and the new races sans pandas. It a rather fair trade.

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I have not played in years. I used to multibox 4 accounts, but even that got boring.

But WoW classic has me VERY interested. :smiley:

I think it will boil down to who enjoys the journey, and who enjoys the destination.

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I love nostalgia as much as the next person and I will try out and play vanilla WOW when it comes out. But I agree that the interest level will be massive then short-lived.

I was a GM of a raiding guild at launch of WOW. We were one of the top Alliance guilds on our server. I remember hitting 60 on a maggot in the Sunken Temple. I remember grinding and grinding. Back then you had to farm the original UBRS, Strat and Scholo over and over to get your fire resist gear to be able to go to Onyxia and Molten Core. To this day, General Drak in UBRS still has not dropped my Paladin set breastplate (tier .5). I think I killed him 40-50 times and never saw it.

Not to mention attunement quests to get to UBRS and to MC. There are so many things that we look at through rose colored glasses. But it was not all good. It got to the point I created unguilded alts on other servers to hide from raiding and guild drama. And that is sad.

So yes, I will visit for sure. The length will be determined by what Blizzard does.

The return of Classic has certainly polarised opinions from the players, and I suspect also within Blizzard itself.

I joined WoW mid WotLK and played on and off since then, only really missed MoP, which I do regret a little.

About a year ago I played Vanilla with a friend on a private server. We loved it.

I consider current and Classic WoW as different games. Classic is much more immersive to me and I get a sense of achievement from the RPG elements (like the class quests, having to catch fish to feed your cat so it will be loyal to you, or travelling everywhere to learn your druid forms) that is lacking for me in the current game. It can be dull when those things are just handed to me.

I also love how crafting in Classic has real value compared to every other expansion. Even the white items you craft are useful to wear in Classic. I had always thought the crafting in WoW seemed entirely lacklustre for an MMORPG… until I played Vanilla.

So yes, I will definitely be playing Classic and would absolutely love to play with any of you lovely people who are keen.

I’ll be mainly Alliance on a PvE server, and also have a few Hordies on a PvP server :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun times ahead!

I think it will be interesting too! This is the first I am hearing of this and I’m totally excited! I remember classic wow the first time around and I can’t wait for round 2!

I may check it out when it comes out; depending on what all is happening at that time of course. WoW Vanilla was fun, but WoW is one of those that rarely grabs me for long.

Trust me, what you think of WoW vanilla having been fun, isn’t what it was :slight_smile:

I’ve run into that multiple times with multiple games now, and what you remember is very different from the reality. You’ve pretty much forgotten most of the really annoying or rage inducing things.

“Oh man, I forgot how much I hated X” is a sentence I’ve used a lot. :smiley: