Post here if you have Pledged (Testing Signups Open)

If you have pledged to the game please post the earliest level you subbed for, your account name on the Pantheon forums and the character name(s) you intend to use when servers go live. If at anytime your information changes between now and the launching of an official chapter, please repost with the updated information.

Current Tally (as of 11/24/18): 114 OTG Members

  • Pre-Alpha: 22

  • Alpha: 59

  • Beta: 12

  • Launch: 3

  • Not Specified: 18

There is a spreadsheet below that you can access and use to find peeps who are playing during the same testing phases as you. This will be for OTG members only. DO NOT share this with anyone.

Also if you posted on the old VB5 website you do not need to post again since we already have that information

Spreadsheet link

You can comment on the spreadsheet to suggest revisions (like if you change your earliest pledge access level by upgrading your pledge, or want to add another character name).

COPY & PASTE, then post below:

Pledge Level (ie. pre-alpha, alpha, beta, launch) -
Account name (Pantheon forums name) -
Character names -

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Pledge Level: pre-alpha
Account name: Dysanor
Character name: Dysanor

Pledge Level: Pre-Alpha
Account Name: Trox
Character(s) Name - Sildra, Gildark

Thank you. List updated

I get a Error 404 on the spread sheet btw.

If you copied from the old forums the link was truncated and so is now broken; you’ll need to go to the link manually and recopy and paste it into your post. You can also just Highlight “Spreadsheet Link” (in edit mode) and then click on the Hyperlink button (looks like a chain in the ribbon bar) and just paste the link into the pop up window to turn that into the clickable link. Keeps your post looking cleaner without a huge rambling link in it. :grinning:

Thank you Trox I will fix it. I did just copy and paste :grinning:

I had retyped my pledge info. At least I got to practice posting.

btw that spreadsheet is awesome. my god … so many signed up for pantheon. :slight_smile:

Pledge Level: Alpha
Account name: Etym
Character names: Etym, Suxhi, and Claris

I see so many with pre-alpha too. wish I could have done pre-alpha I just don’t have a lot of time.

Spreadsheet updated thank you for providing the information

Oh, I don’t mind about pre-alpha. Nothing I’d be interested in and truth be told after work I have to work on my ebay business for a couple/few hours a night. What I am worried about is missing out, due to needing the extra income, during the Alpha stage. Some nights after work I just eat dinner and go to bed. That sucks. lol. I use to game alot differently 20 years ago when I played EQ. Now I need all this sleep. Sucks. hahaha

Pledge Level - free
Account name (Pantheon forums name) -Minfear
Character names -Minfear, Mohrfear

Pledge level - Alpha
Account Name - Stonetothebone85
character name - undecided
will hopefully be leveling a direlord and a shaman or some other healer

List updated thank you for the updates

I upgraded my pledge to the PAX one. I am now in for Pre-Alpha. Cant wait for the next PA phase so I can have a first hand look inside.

Congrats on your upgrade. I will update the list

Pledge Level - Alpha
Account name - Wildfires
Character names - Wildfires

groovie new list :()

Valzan is on the spreadsheet, I may change the name at start but will use Valzan during any Alpha/Beta