The Seering Plague Event

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to letyou all know of a real cool event coming up the next six weeks for Chronicles of Elyria called the Seering Plague.

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What follows is the entry from volume five of The Keeper’s Accounts documenting Anara Starsong’s vision, in her own words.

Though accounts from the time of the Searing Plague are plentiful, the exact events are unclear. This terrible disease tore through Elyria for three, long years, bringing suffering and death to every corner of the world. What I can tell you - what I have seen - is that it was the region of Menas which was hit first. A fertile region, known as much for it’s family farms handed down for dozens of generations as its stately trees dripping with moss or highland passes accessible year round. The region was a jewel and therefore settled by several tribes who took advantage of its meandering rivers and mild winters to grow their crops.
The bards still pass tales of the whisper of the plague’s approach. Several songs and tales are about the rumored start in a single farmstead, with the rare and expensive delivery from the high mountain passes. The song is often sung as a tale to children to warn against stepping above one’s station.

Nestled in Menas’s foothills, the sprawling Jaske plantation is where the plague’s symptoms were first observed. Raellyn Jaske had been shunned by her jealous neighbors and was frequently the subject of local gossip after she had married into wealth. In an effort to improve her image, and as a show of love and good faith toward the people she was once close with, Raellyn invited everyone far and wide, common and noble, to her son’s upcoming wedding. Intending to hand over the reins of the plantation to him after this soiree, she was determined to host the most extravagant celebration anyone had ever attended. She contracted a large order of a costly and rare indulgence - ice. The celebration was an affair to remember, with revelry and dancing through the night. The wedding was so lively that even the nobles heard stories about it. And, when the next morning, the guests complained of parched, sore throats and stinging eyes, and proclaimed themselves too tired to work, no one was surprised. But, in their haste to blame good times and strong liquor, they missed the signs that all recognize today as the start of the outbreak.
To be continued…
Check back throughout the Searing Plague event to learn how this harrowing tale of Elyria’s past unfolded!
The Searing Plague begins tomorrow

The event will help you get more people interested in the game and experience the community, on topp of this I believe there is a chance for those who do not have a base package to get one for free (no confirmed yet)

In Bordweall, we have made a nice inmage tohelp you find out what to do!

On top of all this, if you want to join in on the fun, and have no idea what to do or need a group to help you out, just fill in this form:

Bordweall Plague Sheet

if you have any questions, just send me a PM or a discord message on my discord Earldom of Alysium.

Hope to see you all there!

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Updated below

Kingdom of Vornair members should coordinate in the #searing-plague channel in the kingdom discord: Kingdom of Vornair

Kingdom of Boardweall Members should Coordinate with @Primus_Dedumo in a PM or on his discord: Earldom of Alysium

Chronicles of Elyria - The Searing Plague Event

This image i made should help with understanding htis abit better :wink: If you have any questions feel free to PM me on discord or on here!

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Well. I am up to 12 PURE tokens. Just 168 to go!
If anyone has spares to send I’d be happy to take them off your hands!

I also can convert PLAGUE tokens if you have spare:

CaspianLast Thursday at 8:49 PM
@here The ink is dry and stale, and yet somehow the pages are still being written. Check out an entry from volume 5 of the Keeper’s Accounts, documenting a vision of the Searing Plague by Anara Starsong. Oh yeah, and the Searing Plague Event begins tomorrow!!!

FeverishYesterday at 12:04 PM
@here The pestilence grows, the plague is upon us! Join the entire Chronicles of Elyria community in our most ambitious and exciting community event ever! Will you survive? Find out in this write-up of The Searing Plague event:

My group has a dedicated discord for the event that can be found here: Well organized and people who can help teadch you whats what!

First Vornairan Cured of the Plague!

Searing Plague Lore Updated

Vye 8/10/2018 at 1:02 PM
@here The records indicate that the plague spread quickly and hopelessness tore at the hearts of the people… (Lore updated based off of week 1 results) Blog - Community - Chronicles of Elyria

Nice work on the cure, that damn plague bar is moving fast. We got our second cure yesterday. I hope it slows down soon, at the rate it’s going it will be full in a few weeks.

King Adam Rhyne ⓋYesterday at 12:19 AM
Sage AusekToday at 9:18 PM
Here’s a visual thing I thought I could share here with ya’ll too:

For those getting discouraged… dont. We are actually making significant progress and if we stay on the current trends will beat this thing. Just keep on moving forward

King Adam Rhyne ⓋYesterday at 10:08 PM
@everyone It’s our delight to announce that 38 vassals of Vornair were cured today! This was due a number of wonderful things, not least of which is community spirit.

What’s next?

The Vornair SP Think Tank is actively working on the following:

  • If you don’t have a role, please contact a Plague Coordinator and ask for the Pure tokens to get you to Tier 1. We are asking all those without a role to be a Corpsetaker FOR NOW to help buy us time
  • If you commit to being active we will promote you to Tier 2:
    – We are asking if players can take SOLDIER to help beat back the bar
    – and if you really want to be a Plague Doctor you can do that too (it’s the hybrid jack-of-all-trades role)
    – If you are active before the daily 9am pdt reset then we can use CORPSETAKERS to eliminate plague
    – We are a #plague-elimination channel in the Think Tank. We will be asking the CTs to post their plague links in there so that any group with plague overflow before the reset can send plague their way. When the 5 plague are sent to the CT, all they have to do is to hit the neutralize button to eliminate.

This was big progress. However, we really need players to coordinate their trade and passive ability to get the most out of them as they can. We also really need more people with packages to come and contribute to this event in order for the cure to hit 100% by the end of the event time frame we need 6x more contribution to the cure bar on a daily basis that being said. That doesnt mean we lose if we dont hit 100% to win we simply have to have the cure bar be ahead of the plague bar by the end of the event. However, it was revealed to us in TTC yesterday that if we do hit 100% cure there is a world technology unlock as a reward. Lets get that technology so that we can be better prepared in game to defeat the plagues that will present themselves as challenges to us in the future!

I hope there was no NDA info in this, but I thought it was very important for everyone to understand the need to push push push. Original author unknown, but was reposted by the King of Vornair.

The Events that take place in this community event WILL affect your gameplay. If the Plague wins, there will be Fewer NPCs, Fewer Settlements, Fewer Animals, Less Plant life, and more that will be decreased and affected by the plague. Additionally the Plague Lands biome will not only deny a large swath of resources, but any NPC creature or character as well as Player Character that interacts with this biome and makes their way to a civilian center will spread this plague again, and again, and again. It is something surmountable, but is 100% turning this already hard game to “extremely hard mode”.

We need more people active in this event to help contribute to the cure whenever they can. This will help ensure there are no plague lands on the starting continents.

Time restricted engagement
There is a way for you to be involved, even if you’re time restricted. We ask that you either pick a role that doesn’t require a lot of time or to at least generate a purity token within each 4 hour window every day starting at 9 am PDT.

There are roles that don’t require a lot of time. If you want guides to these roles, please join the various support discords below for our server and for the community.

If are nobility or plagued and you still can’t get on often enough for those 4 hour windows
Please at least get on once at the end of the night or in the early morning before 8 am PDT to get rid of all the plague that you generated during that day.

:siren: If you do not get rid of the plague, it will go into the plague bar and contribute towards the plague which hinders our efforts in this fight to find the cure. :siren:

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Some guides from the Vornair Think Tank.
Guides updated below.

What is a plagued biome? flings glass A miserable pile of secrets!

Post from Snipehunter:
Hi everyone!
I’ve noticed a few questions here and there about what it means to have a plagued biome (a “plague land”) in Elyria. There have been a few folks who have assumed that a plague land will be a magical place where terrifying, twisted, creatures roam fields of the dead. That’s definitely cool imagery, but it doesn’t quite match what we’re talking about, so I wanted to take a moment to explain what a plagued biome really is: A plagued biome is a microbiome afflicted with a dangerous and infectious disease, one that has taken root so strongly in the region that it is pervasive and now affects the ecosystem within that microbiome.

The disease that’s taken root in the plagued biome will be easier to contract there, of course, but that might not be the most striking feature of a plagued biome. In most plagued biomes, the thing you will probably notice first is the evidence of a species that once thrived but is now gone or greatly reduced in number. For example, a plagued biome containing the Searing Plague will be a biome where the Searing Plague is so prevalent, that large-scale habitation by the tribes of Mann is challenging, if not impossible, leading to fewer people living within the biome.

The absence of these plague-consumed species impacts the ecosystem of the biome in different ways. Other fauna, and even potentially the plants of a plagued biome, might have become new vectors for the plague in these plagued biomes. This could lead to changes in the behavior or appearance of some the biome’s plants and animals. Some animals may be more aggressive and display obvious signs of infection, for example. Contact with the plants and animals of the region, such as being bitten or eating a fruit that harbors the disease, could lead to infection. (However, alchemists and pharmacologists might have means of purifying these things to remove infectious agents.)

These sorts of challenges mean that plagued biomes are generally “no-go” areas where settlements are few and far between. What settlements exist may just be quarantine colonies of the infected, as well. Many settlement locations will instead be dead and empty, with nothing but ruins and signs of past habitation to be found. In short, a plague land biome is the remnant of a past disaster, a pocket of sorrow, and a danger to those that pass through it. But, a plague land biome is not a magical hotbed, nor is it a complete wasteland.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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